Wilding Wimborne

Wimborne Swifts

Wimborne Swifts

Swifts have always been a feature in our skies above Wimborne. Their distinctive screams as they zip around the Minster, across the square and neighbouring streets, but their numbers have dwindled and they NEED OUR HELP. 

World Soil Day

Our planet’s survival depends on the precious link between soil and water. Over 95 percent of our food originates from these two fundamental resources. Soil water, vital for nutrient absorption by plants, binds our ecosystems together. This symbiotic relationship is the foundation of our agricultural systems.

Thu, Dec 5 2024, All day
Tree Planting @ Dogdean Sang

Meet at access point via Dewberry Close or Cowslip Road.  If you use what3words, the location is ///scrambles.surpassed.committed

Please wear gloves and bring a spade if you have one.


What is a SANG?

A SANG is a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace.  It is a recreational site, created to attract residents of new developments away from designated sites that are protected for their valuable ecology and are sensitive to recreational activities such as dog walking.

Sat, Oct 21 2023, 1 - 3pm

Trees for Wimborne

Image of Trees for Wimborne Logo

Trees for Wimborne considers that it is important that our town plays its part in contributing towards the need for more trees across Britain. We would like to see an increase in tree numbers with the aim of attaining a minimum of 20 % canopy cover in Wimborne and the surrounding areas.  We believe that these trees will create multiple benefits: mitigation against climate change, provision of habitats for wildlife, a more interesting landscape reflecting the changing seasons, and as a joy and comfort for those who live, work and visit Wimborne.

Asian Hornet Week

This hornet could decimate our pollinators including our honeybees so it is important to have everyone actively looking for it.. 

This is the time of year when Asian hornets start hawking honeybees at hive entrances. Autumn is typically when nests are revealed as a result of leaf fall from trees and bushes and this is the last chance we will have to prevent the emergence of new Asian hornet queens

Mon, Sep 4 - Sun, Sep 10 2023, All day
National Children's Gardening Week

National Children’s Gardening Week celebrates the fun that gardens hold for kids. Children, parents, grandparents, schools or garden businesses can find ideas for fun garden projects and activities on this site. 

National Children’s Gardening Week takes place annually in the ‘warm’ week at the end of May.

Sat, May 25 - Sat, Jun 1 2024, All day