Plastic Free Wimborne

What do we mean by Plastic Free?

The banner 'Plastic Free' can be puzzling, even misleading, how can we ever be Plastic Free?

The concept of the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) Plastic Free communities campaign centres on SINGLE USE plastic such as bottles, bags, coffee cups and straws.

Plastic is everywhere in our lives, from our homes and transport to much of our infrastructure. This campaign focusses on our culture of using single use, how as a society we have become dependent on the convenience it brings and how we can bring about change by reducing. It encourages rethinking, it explores alternatives, and it serves to encourage change. It is not about judgement it is about reaching out.

Wimborne War on Waste engaged with the SAS initiative because of the community cohesion it brings. Not just in Wimborne but with some 700+ towns and cities working towards the status, following the same set of guidelines, it brings about joined up thinking across the country. We believe that unity is the most powerful thing we as the public have, to bring about change. It's about our future.

We consider every change away from single use plastic, big or small, in homes or in businesses, of huge value and worth celebration.

On 23rd April 2018 Wimborne War on Waste launched our vision to lead Wimborne to Plastic Free Community Status and in September 2018 became the 32nd community in the UK to achieve the accreditation from Surfers Against  Sewage. This was just the start of the journey and we continue to work closely with our local Councils, the BID, businesses, festivals, venues, community groups, schools and individuals to inspire all to make simple, positive changes, to choose alternatives to single use plastic and promote a more sustainable, ethical culture of consumption.

More about Plastic Free Communities

If you are a local business and would like to become a Plastic Free Champion, the criteria is to have switched from using at least x3 items of single use plastic, removed entirely or already use an alternative. Ideally, we meet up, have a chat about the use of single use plastics, explore alternatives and share other businesses experiences on the PF journey. We then send off the details to SAS for approval and celebrate your achievements!

Please get in touch with us at Wimborne War on Waste if you would like to become a Business Champion. Here’s some more information to get you started:

If you a Community organisation such as a School, Church, Community Centre or Hall and would like to talk to us about becoming a Plastic Free Ally by reducing your plastic footprint, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you too.

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