Volunteer Day - Breaking Down Disposable Barbecues

Following Litter Free Dorset's campaign and the devastating heath fires of 2022, Southern Co-op committed to permanently removing disposable BBQs from sale - and they now have 8000 surplus units in storage. To ensure that we find the best route for this stock, Litter Free Dorset and Dorset Council are working with W&S Recycling to repurpose/reuse the component parts and send a message to other retailers that they too should be making this move. They are looking for volunteers from our existing partner organisations and community groups, who can commit to coming along on the day to help us break down the units so they can be processed for recycling or reuse.

You will need to commit to attending either the morning session (9am-1pm), afternoon session (1pm-5pm), or all day.   

Free Event.  Details and booking on EventBrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lets-banish-disposable-barbecues-for-good-tickets-559558684087