650 Saplings planted in Wimborne SANGs

This winter by the end of March,  Trees for Wimborne, a subgroup of Wilding Wimborne, will have planted 650 trees in the Dogdean and Stourview SANGs of Wimborne.  Most were provided by the Woodland Trust, some bought thanks to funding by Dorset Council and the Dorset Community Foundation and some provided by individuals. Then, over the winter, fifty or so volunteers have prepared the ground, planted and continued to care for the saplings, so furthering Trees for Wimborne’s vision for increasing the tree cover in the area.

Why? We know that trees bring multiple benefits.  They help mitigate against climate change and provide habitats for wildlife. But they also bring a more interesting landscape reflecting the changing seasons and are a joy and comfort for those who live, work or visit Wimborne.  Thank you, Trees for Wimborne!


What 'Trees for Wimborne' say about their plantings:

Trees for Wimborne have planted a mixture of trees and adhered to the ‘Right Tree, Right Place’ Guidance.

Dogdean SANG
We went for typical hedgerow planting to give flowers, fruit and nuts, which included Hazel, Dog Rose, Hawthorn, Rowan and Cherry Plum.
In the corners we planted to give screening, biodiversity and colour. Oak, Wild Cherry, Guelder Rose, Spindle, Holly, Dog Wood.

Stourview SANG wet areas (south of the A31)
Mostly Willow and Downy Birch but also 2 native Black Poplars.
Stourview SANG banks (Riverside area just north of the A31)
Wild Cherry, Oak, Birch, Crab Apple, Field Maple, Holly and a number of understorey trees.

Various Riverine Habitats in and around Wimborne
Native Black Poplars - a large tree of the floodplains that has declined massively over the years.

10 months ago
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